The Perfect Transition Pieces From Summer To Fall

Hello beautiful friends! Summer is coming to an end, which means the season of Halloween goodies and cozy bonfire snuggles will soon be amongst us. But the hard part about autumn? Well, besides the acknowledgement that you actually have bigger priorities and more important responsibilities than lounging by the pool... is finding pieces in your wardrobe that will keep you warm enough in the dewy mornings, and cool enough in the sweltering afternoons. Because you know, autumn and spring are the seasons of major weather confusion, well at least in Manitoba anyways. Thus is why, I have created a list of my closet staples for the transition from summer to autumn weather and trends. Continue reading for all of my seasonal secrets!



1.Thigh High Socks & Boots

- Not only are these easy to pair with rompers and dresses, but they also cover up your legs on those chilly days.



2. Plaid Print

- So for years and years and years now (

practically my entire existence

), I have highly disliked plaid as a fashion pattern. I was never the teenager sporting those plaid button-downs, and I honestly never ever thought I'd see the day where I would buy myself anything of the plaid nature. Well, that day has come. I know,


. I don't know why I suddenly have this attraction to plaid pieces, but I'm not entirely hating this newly found affection. And hey, tis' the season, right? The best part of sporting this print as a transition piece, is that you can wear clothing items with summer cuts (dresses, skirts, etc.), but in a fall pattern; thus, allowing you to keep cool on those warmer autumn days, while still rocking the seasonal trends!

3. Biker Leather Jacket

- Another trend that I never thought I would get on top of, but am now loving, is the classic biker jacket. This piece is just ever so versatile, and anyone from the girliest of girls (ahem, guilty) to the tommiest of tom boys could rock. Pair it with a floral dress to exemplify your more feminine side, or create a monochromatic look that will leave you looking fierce. Throw the jacket on in the morning while it's still cool, and take it off or just gently prop it on your shoulders once the sun has heated things up a bit. The possibilities are endless!



4. Faux Fur Vests-

Again, another transitional piece that can strategically be paired with almost anything. Faux fur vests are literally the perfect addition to any fall look; not only are they all the rage in the fashion industry, but they actually do help keep you warm on those chilly autumn days.

5. Jean Jackets

- Again with a jacket, I know. But there are just so many fun options, and I felt the need to include all of them within the post. Well that, annnddd I am currently loving the denim-on-denim look (which yes, you can DEFINITELY pull off).

6. Cardigans-

Cozy and festive? Sounds like my cup of tea. Throw one on over a mini dress or a pair of mom jeans and you're set!



7. Loafers-

An all-time favourite of mine, loafers are no longer just for the grandpas of the world (although my gramps DOES still rock them better than anyone else, myself included), and they will be sure to elevate any simple fall look.



8. Ankle Booties-

I mean, duh. When have ankle booties ever


been apart of fall fashion? I absolutely love to pair these with a skirt or a dress as a transition piece; letting you keep cool up top, but still autumn-y on the bottom.



9. Felt Hats & Berets-

Every autumn season I look forward to pulling out my felt hat collection. I use hats as an excuse for anything- especially for covering up bedhead. It's just SUCH a simple fix and makes you look super put together.



10. Blanket Scarves-

Heck yes to blanket scarves. Coming from a girl who is always freezing her butt off (in plus or minus 30), blankets scarves come in handy in more than one way. Style it as a scarf, or use it to cuddle up at a chilly fall football game. They're a win-win!

11. Layering-

To me, layering instantly enhances a look, and there's no better time to layer than come those chilly autumn days. Pair a shirt or turtleneck under a silk dress or camisole, or play around with cardigans and sweaters over denim skirts. The possibilities are endless!

12. Blazers-

I think blazers are one of the most underrated street fashion staples. Especially when paired with a coordinated pant. They also have the tendency to make any outfit look much more expensive and put together than it actually may be. Oh, and of course it's a great coverup for the chillier days.



13. Wool Coats-

So wool coats might not be the most appropriate transitional piece for a lot of places during the autumn months; however, it just so happens to be one of the best transition pieces for Manitoba falls- because they get pretty cold, pretty fast.

14. Wide Legged Jeans!-

Ahh I had dreaded the wide legged jeans revival for SO long, and pushed it off for the past few seasons up until this last one, and now I am


. This trend is actually a little surreal to me, as I used to rock the bell bottom jeans everyday back when I was in elementary school, and once skinny jeans started to trend I opposed those as well. It's weird to get older and see old trends resurface and circulate- not that 22 is old by any means. I guess I'll make sure to keep some of my current wide legged jeans around after this trend dies for its next revival.

15. Culottes-

Similar to the above, I used to sport gauchos er' day every day back in the day (yikes, I sound like my grandpa... I mean, besides the whole slang thing). In fact, even my Build A Bears rocked the gaucho trend. And here we are, come full circle again, a decade later and a few inches taller, here I am swooning over culottes. Annnd they just so happen to be the best summer to fall transition piece.



16. Mom Jeans-

High waisted for girls with high standards, you gotta love this 90's trend revival, I know I sure do. So raid your mom's closet, or take a day-trip to the thrift store with your gal pals, and find a motherly pair of jeans to rock!


Black Nylons-

Add a pair of these bad boys underneath a skirt or a dress to succumb to the autumn weather. Boom. Easy Peasy (

lemon squeezy




18. Leather Mini Skirts-

Okay so you may remember from last season just how obsessed I was with this fad. I had one in every colour I could find; I couldn't get enough! Adding this seasonal staple as a transition piece is perfect, as it incorporates both a thicker fall-like fabric, while maintaining a summer cut. It's the best of both worlds.


Dark Colours-

 Once the weather gets colder, the darker colours start to reappear; it's like a time-honoured seasonal tradition. Wearing darker colours with summer cuts will keep you seasonally en pointe, and weather appropriate at the same time.



20. Oversized Sweaters and Denim Skirts-

Keep summer on the bottom, while transitioning to fall on the top. Denim, an awesome autumn fabric, paired with an oversized sweater that's tucked in at the front, is an idealistic fall look that will leave you the most stylish girl on campus.

21. Midi Skirts-

Again, this will allow you to keep up a feminine look, while covering up those legs to keep warm. And with so many trendy cuts and patterns, you'll be sure to make a statement.



22. Leather Satchels-

Last, but definitely not least, a leather satchel will seamlessly transition you from summer to fall. Goodbye woven clutches, and hello leather cross-bodies.

I loveeee autumn and its chilly weather- it brings the perfect opportunity to cozy up withe your hunny and a cup of tea. Honestly though, during autumn's dewy and chilly mornings, I HEAVILY (emphasis on heavily) rely on Starbucks' Chai Tea Lattes and my car's heated seats to get me through the day. I actually have low iron and take daily supplements, which is part of the reason why I'm always cold. With this, I tend to transition into complete autumn fashion a lot


than the average Joe (not that you're an average Joe by any means, girl!). All I'm saying is that if I find it to be the perfect temperature to wear a wool coat with thigh high boots, it does NOT mean that it may actually be an appropriate temperature to be doing just that haha... I mean, I literally use my heated seats year long- as in 30 degree temperatures- anyone else??Regardless, thanks for reading today's post. I greatly appreciate each and every single one of you and your support!Xo, Quinn