10 Closet Essentials For A Killer Fall Wardrobe!

Chunky knit sweaters and plaid blanket scarves are staples of the season; you either have them, or you need them. Point blank. But autumn fashions are constantly evolving away from just the basics, and are made up of a lot more than oversized knits and suede booties. And I know researching seasonal trends isn't for everyone, which is why I'm here to make your life a little easier! I'm OBSESSED with these current A/W trends, and am super excited to share some of my essentials with you. So sit back, relax with a chai tea latte, and get scrolling for my full list of 10 closet essentials for a killer fall wardrobe!


1. Checked Wool Coat.

I figured we'd start this segment off with a no-brainer fall staple; the checked wool coat. One of the things I love most about fall is the statement element that a wool coat brings to a look. I swear you could throw anything together from your closet and the addition of a wool coat would seamlessly pull it all together. Okay well, maybe that's a stretch. I'll re-phrase- I swear you could throw anything together from your closet and the addition of a wool coat would probably pull it all together.  Nonetheless, wool coats are an autumn wardrobe staple, and you need them in your life. End of story.


2. Wool Beret.

Again with the wool, I know. Funny thing is that I honestly can't wear wool to save my life... I mean I do (obviously), but if it touches my skin in the least, I immediately become a big itchy mess. Can anyone else relate? Anyhow, I am currently OBSESSED with the wool beret trend. Perhaps it's due in part from my "slight" obsession with the Parisian lifestyle, and my wannabe French girl nature. Regardless, this is a trend that both you and I can get behind, annnnd it will enhance all of your cozy fall looks.


3. Thigh High Boots.

Ahh give me all things thigh-high during the fall and winter months (insert praise hands emoji here)! Not only do thigh-high boots make your legs look hella long and beautiful, but they actual do add warmth on those chilly fall days.

4. Wide Legged Jeans.

Helloooo 1970's. If I were alive then, I would say how much I've missed you, but that's just not the case. However, I know now what I've been missing.


5. Ankle Height Booties. 

Oh how I love me some high ankle booties; they literally pair with everything. Invest in a quality pair, and you'll majorly amp up your autumn wardrobe (for seasons to come).


6. Plaid Blanket Scarf.

I know I've already mentioned this one, but it IS a classic fall staple after all. As someone who is literally freezing ALL OF THE TIME (I have an iron deficiency), I absolutely love toting around blanket scarves in the colder months. They make for the chicest autumn accessory, annddd they double as a blanket. It's a win-win.


7. Baker's Cap.

One of the trends I had resisted for so long and have now come to love, funny how things work! I especially love rocking this chapeau with fall looks, I just feel as if it's the perfect addition to a cozy outfit. Although, a pink baker's cap is equally as perfect in the spring as a black baker's cap is in the fall and winter.


8. Oversized Sweater.

Bonus points if it's mock necked or single-sleeved. You can't get much cozier than when you're cuddle into an oversized sweater amongst falling leaves. LOVE.

9. Courdoroy Pants. 

It's the fabric of the season, and it needs to be in your closet! I am so in love with all the various pant trends this season, and this one is no different.

10. Overalls.

Preferably pink, and preferably corduroy, these bad boys are so cute over turtlenecks in the colder seasons. Grab a few in various fall shades, and you're set for the season!

So that's all for today loves, I hope this post gave you alllll the fall feels.

Until next time.

Xo, Quinn