How to Dress for Autumn-Tips & Tricks For Fall Fashion

Autumn doesn't last long in Manitoba; in fact, it's fleeting. With this, I find it pertinent to make every single falling leaf count- and the best way in which I know how to do this? Dress for the occasion! Keep scrolling for all of my tips and tricks to make the best out of this year's fall fashion.


1. Focus On Your Outer Layers.

Booties, coat, hat, scarves, mittens- you know what's up.


2. Show Off What You Can!

Due to this season's limitations for visible accessories (cue the effects of layers), make a statement with items that are visible. My favourite way to do this is by sporting a super cute hat or some chunky scarves and soft mittens.


3. Wear Longer Dresses and Skirts.

Okay, so if you know me at all, you know that I live for a good dress (year-round). I am extremely feminine by nature, and I would choose a skirt over pants any day and everyday of the year! With this, I'm not about to give up my favourite article of clothing for the better length of the year (Manitoban winters last far too long). So, in order to compromise, I choose to wear longer skirts and dresses. I also accomplish the whole dresses and skirts in the colder months by sporting nylons under shorter skirts and by incorporating thigh boots into my wardrobe.


4. Invest in Some Good Quality and Fall Inspired Coats.

A fall coat is one of those classic closet staples that is WORTH spending the money on. You'll have this piece for years to come, and I promise- you will DEFINITELY get your money's worth out of it! In fact, invest in all of your outerwear- those are the items you'll be wearing everyday, and which will be the most seen.


5. Make Use of Your Dainty Pumps Before it Gets too Chilly.

Yah, those cute loafers and Mary Janes you just bought? You better get as much use out of them before the snow hits. You have two months, tops. So, get on it girl!


6. Sport Everything High-Neck.

High neck sweaters and tops will make you look oh so sophisticated (and will keep you warm while doing so). It's a win-win. Tuck your curls into the neck for an extra chic and cozy element.

Today's post was short but sweet- kind of like autumn itself; but, I hope you were still able to get some tips out of it. Also, here's hoping that your (Canadian) Thanksgiving is just as full of love and appreciation, as your tummy will be full of turkey and pumpkin pie.

Xo, Quinn