Jean Dresses and Knee High Boots

Today’s post was cowgirl inspired, fitting as it’s the month of Halloween and all things make believe. Of course I realize just how utterly impractical it would be to actually jaunt around with platform boots and a mini dress in the midst of cows (not that it stopped me, nonetheless). But with the resurface of the jean dress and the cow pattern trends, I just couldn’t resist but to find a pasture filled with spotted and photogenic animal friends.

In all honesty, though, I still don’t know exactly what I want to be for Halloween.. and the countdown is clearly on. I guess if all else fails, my cowgirl look would make a good last minute option. However, I am taking suggestions, so if you have any then be sure to leave them in the comments below (your girl would appreciate it).

Besides the jean textile, the cut of the dress is what really sets it apart- particularly the back’s open concept design. This detail is why I kept the rest of the look simple… well, besides the knee high statement boots, but the dress just wouldn’t have been complete without their addition. And the hat, we can’t forget about the hat!

I’m writing this on Thanksgiving Day, on my couch all pumpkin pied-out, and I really truly am grateful for this platform and for all of you readers who make what I love possible. This blog lets me explore my creative side, while pursuing my love of fashion. So thank you for indulging me.

All of my love,

Xo, Quinn