Pink Corduroy For Fall

Once again, the cyclical nature of fashion is exemplified through the epic come-back of bell bottomed cords. Skinny jeans are out, and wide-legged pants are soooo in. And heck, for good reason- they’re ultra comfy AND they don’t take a million hours to put on and do up. Might I say, those mornings laying on the bed, wiggling around, trying to hike and button up your skinny jeans will not be missed!

Corduroy in itself is such a nostalgic fabric- it reminds me of the retro suit jackets my dad used to rock, and my go-to pair of pink, Von Dutch bell bottoms from when I was 7 (oh how things come full circle). And it’s return? Well, let’s just say that I couldn’t be happier to have some corduroy statement pieces back in my wardrobe, and another pair of go-to pink corduroy bell bottoms.

I loved playing around with the corduroy in this look, pairing two pieces of the same textile, but of different colour, gave the look the texture it needed, while keeping things nice and simple (just how I like it). And the colours couldn’t have been more fitting- whoever said that pastels weren’t for fall wouldn’t know a good thing if it hit them on the head.. that’s how the saying goes, right?

And then obviously I had to make the look that much more retro with the use of some pink acrylic quartz barrettes- which I am loving by the way, especially on windy days. My collection has been growing to the point of owning enough to last me a lifetime (although we both know that trends like this are fleeting).

This blazer has become one of my all-time favourite pieces this autumn. Unfortunately, the white colour sold out almost immediately, leaving only the caramel shade for purchase (which is still super cute, don’t get me wrong- I just LOVE a clean and crisp white statement piece). I actually swiped one of the last of these blazers, and even bought a size 3x larger than my regular, just in case they didn’t restock… which they didn’t, so thank goodness!

Apart from the clean colour and structure, the brown marbled buttons perfectly finish off the entire look, adding just the right amount of detail to a simplistic piece. Texture and complexity already incorporate a lot of detail into an item, and I’m always careful not to add too much pattern or colour into these type of looks. I try to always stick with three colours- unless I’m rocking a monochromatic outfit- not to create any overwhelm. For this look, that obviously insinuates pink, white, and marbling (both from the brown buttons, and the pink quartz barrettes).

As a natural redhead, my hair always becomes an incorporated shade in itself- which is why I try to always choose colours and shades that compliment the red of my hair. However, I’ve become more and more confident and experimental with this, as I’ve learned to be more gracious and creative with my colour pairings around my hair. I say go for it! Don’t be afraid to experiment with new colour pairings- you might just discover something you love! For instance, I used to always shy away from pastel pinks, as I found that they washed me out with my pale skin; however, I’ve learned to love the way it contrasts with my red hair.

So there you have it- take risks (oh, and sport cords)!

Xo, Quinn